5 Axis Printer

5D Printer

DotX and ABID (Alexander Bannink Industrial Design) have developied a novel 3d printer. This printer can print in any direction. This allows us to print with continous carbon fibre, kevlar, etcetera. As a result, we can print extremely strong objects. The 3D designer is provided with software tools to indicate the direction of the fibres. Subsequently, the slicer computes extruder movements so that the fibre is laid in that direction. In the photo below, we printed an object on a (white) 3D printed base. We then started to print on that base with water soluble filament. After that, the next layers were regular plastic. After completion the whole thing (base and print on base) was put in water to dissolve the water soluble layers. The outer object (dark colored) was the desired end result.  

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