Application of DNPC to Walking Beam Furnace.
Result: quality improvements and 4.8% reduction in gas consumption
VDL Weweler is a producer of automotive suspension systems and axles. In 2010, after a feasibility study, DotX was assigned by VDL Weweler to implement DNPC to one of the Weweler walking beam furnaces. In January 2011, the controller was operational. A reduction of at least 4.8 % on average was measured. Further reductions are foreseen, after minor hardware changes. A paper on this subject can be found in the Paper section.This movie shows the HMI (web-interface) of the furnace controller during production at VDL-Weweler while in operation on the VDL-Weweler reheat furnace (no simulation, actual production). Each blue bar respresents a steel product. Each yellow bar shows the temperature of that product. We have increased the playback speed.

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