Control of a gas turbine connected to Blast Furnace


Optimized control of gas turbine connected to Blast Furnace.
Result:energy generation efficiency from 35% to 99%
Customer: Tata Steel, the Netherlands. In a Blast Furnace exhaust gases escape during the process of iron making. These gases pass, among others, through a gas turbine to produce electrical power. Ideally, the power output of the turbine is maximised, while the pressure in the Blast Furnace (which is influenced directly by the gas turbine), remains as constant as possible. DotX has modelled the processes, using a fast grey-box modelling method, and, based on the model, proposed several changes to the existing control system. The DotX advices have been implemented by internal Tata staff, and put into operation. Since then, the gas turbine connected to the Blast Furnace produces at 99% of its electrical capacity.

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