System integration for batch crystaliser research

System integration for batch crystaliser research.Customer: ISPT, the Netherlands. ISPT, an abbreviation of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, is a so-called top knowledge institute, i.e. an institute where big and small companies, and universities cooperate, and are co-funded by the Dutch government. In 2011 DotX got involved in the ISPT project PH-00-04, titled “Intelligent … Read more

Wind Turbine: Dotx Wind Turbine Controller

Dotx Wind Turbine Controller The DotX Wind Turbine Controller (DWTC) is a computer program for on-board wind turbine computers. This computer program continuously determines the pitch or blade angles (drawing, nr 3), generator torque (nr 5) and yaw angle (nr 2). It allows to maximize power output and minimize design loads. Downloads Find out more about … Read more

Wind Turbine: Controller Tuning

automating the tuning process

Problem: Wind turbines often run 8 or more PID loops, and many of them have strong interactions. This causes manual tuning to give sub-optimal results.
Solution: An automatic tuning tool which optimizes all the controller parameters w.r.t. the loads, and the power.
Result: The time required to fully optimize the control loops is reduced from two weeks to just two days.

Customer: ECN

ECN develops new technology and conducts pioneering research in various ways into innovative solutions to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy management. DotX has assisted ECN in the research project SUSCON (=Sustained Control). This project focussed on developing new control concepts for Individual Pitch Control (IPC), handling Extreme Events (wind gusts), improved modelling by identification, … Read more

Customer: 2B-Energy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]2-B Energy has introduced an innovative offshore wind power plant concept aimed at a significant lower Cost of Energy than competitors, and intends to commericialise this concept worldwide. Some of the differences with conventional wind turbines are: it is two bladed, it is downwind (the blades are downstream of the tower), it has a lattice … Read more