April 6, 2020

System integration for batch crystaliser research

System integration for batch crystaliser research.Customer: ISPT, the Netherlands. ISPT, an abbreviation of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, is a so-called top knowledge institute, i.e. […]
April 6, 2020

Cokes furnace control improvements

Using a self-learning feedforward controller

Problem:Pressure peaks in the cokes oven caused the ovens to trip.
Solution: Implementation of a self-learning feedforward controller
Result: 70% Reduction in pressure peaks
April 6, 2020


Application to a Walking Beam Furnace

Problem: Very complicated control system
Solution: Implementation of a DNPC controller
Result: Improvement of quality and a 5% reduction in gas consumption
April 6, 2020

Hunting Simulator

Control of a cable driven manipulator

Problem: Operators of the hunting simulator had issues with positioning the meat in the lion cage.
Solution: Providing haptic assitance to the operators joystick, allowing the operator to feel when the control system started overiding the operators input to avoid a collision with the wall.
Result: The collision ratio was significantly decreased, while the average velocity was increased.