We bring high tech to practice

Dotx Control Solutions has all of the necessary expertise to make your product or production system a success. Our strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality competences in algorithm development, control systems, software development, physics, mechatronics, electronics, and protoype development.

What do we do

Dotx Control Solutions is a team of experts with all the necessary expertise to make your product or production system into a success. Our strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality competences like software, mechanics, optics, physics, mechatronics, electronics, mathware and final assembly & testing.

Our Skills

A short overview of the skills of our engineers:

  • Prototyping of mechatronic systems
  • Programming PLCs, such as Bachmann
  • Mathematics and physics
  • Modelling
  • Working in an Agile way
  • Model driven software development

Our Services

We offer all kind of services:

We are specialized in the mechatronics / automation area. See services for examples of the projects we are involved in.

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Why hire us?

Why would you hire us? Here’s why:

Need a specialist?

Have your challenge solved by specialists in control systems, lgorithm development, and optimization. We are able to understand your system and organisation quickly.

Need extra horsepower?

Be ensured of lean development, such as scrum or kanban.


Our service is not limited to basic programming work. We can develop complete solutions including graphical user-interfaces, smart custom algorithms and a complete back-end using database systems. In addition, we develop electronic circuits when needed.

We bring our toolkits

Over the years we have developed a wide range of software tools for:

  • Data analysis
  • Control systems
  • Optimisations.
  • These tools ensure a solid foundation
    for solving your challenge.


We have developed multiple software solutions to complex challenges which are used widely.

Knowledge Transfer

We report systematically on what we have done.

  • Those reports are reviewed internally before sending them to you.
  • In addition, we provide training on control system tuning.

Our Clients


DotX is a specialised consultancy company for data analysis and control system design. Especially, in wind turbine controls they are world class. They can apply the most advanced algorithms to solve a control problem, but at the same time they don’t lose sight of the practical implementation. Even after many years working with them, they still manage to surprise me with new solutions from time to time.

DotX Control Solutions B.V. has now solved a number of complex measurement and control technical problems in the gas cleaning process of Kooks- en Gasfabriek 2 by Tatasteel IJmuiden.
In addition to adequate solutions for measurement and control problems, DotX Control Solutions provides B.V. tailor-made solutions, such as training and information for our own personnel, and a clear report with which our own technical department is able to take care of follow-up maintenance work and possibly to continue new disruptions.

Dotx proves not only to be able to provide a clear insight into the theoretical side, but also to be able to implement a very practical implementation of the new control concepts. Works well and energetically with our own managers.

It’s easy to work with us!

We have expert software and control engineers who can get started within 1-2 weeks in most cases.

Build your team with us today.